Diamond V-neck Swimsuit
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Diamond V-neck Swimsuit

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Comfortable, unique, and sexy, this swimsuit is perfect for every woman!

The unique Diamond V-neck One-piece is the swimsuit you want to wear every day. The perfect fit and the use of luxurious polyester make this swimsuit extremely comfortable and let your body shine. 



The Diamond V-neck One-piece is made of a soft polyester which, in addition to a luxurious look, also makes the swimsuit very comfortable to wear. Because the seams are perfectly finished and the fabric is stretchy, it will not cut into your skin so you can wear it all day.



Because the Diamond V-neck One-piece has a zipper in the front, it is possible to wear this swimsuit in multiple ways. You can give yourself a very feminine look and combine this with nice accessories. It is also possible to close the zipper completely and give yourself a nice sporty look.



The Diamond V-neck One-piece has beautiful cutouts on the side that are perfectly finished with a classic and beautiful fishnet fabric. In addition, it has a push-up effect that allows you to let your breasts shine. Give yourself that ultimate feminine look by wearing the Diamond V-neck One-piece all to your style and playing with the different possibilities this swimsuit offers.

Material: Polyester
Size: S to XL
Color: Black/Red/Blue